Pet insurance is not a commonly used insurance policy. Most people are likely to not even know pet insurance is an option. But, just like health insurance, when unexpected illnesses hit, you will be glad that you have a plan. Insurance can be the difference between quality care from a professional facility and going home to research home remedies since you can’t afford the medical bills. Going into debt is an option, but can be avoided with a little preplanning. When your pet is as precious to you as family, don’t they deserve the same care?

To Buy or Not to Buy

Just like health care, pet medical expenses can be costly and hard to manage if you don’t have an emergency fund. The best pet insurance in Australia can help you on those unexpected days and give you a little peace of mind during a stressful situation.

Many people haven’t experienced those devastating medical emergencies and don’t see themselves ever needing pet insurance. “Pets don’t get as sick as humans do, and their medical bills are already less expensive” is what people argue. The truth is often surprising and sudden.

The Truth

The reason people don’t see their pets getting sick as often as themselves is due to a few reasons. The first is simply miscommunication. Animals cannot tell you when they are not feeling well, and they have a much higher pain tolerance. Unlike those people who stay in bed for days from a runny nose, pets will not appear to act any different throughout a minor illness.

Other than injury or genes, an individual will usually get sick from another individual. People are constantly around other people and germs spread like wildfire. Pets do not spend a lot of time with other animals unless taken to a crowded dog park. While it will happen less often, your pet can still get sick if you visit other pets often. Natural selection has also strengthened the immune system of many pets today. Unfortunately, purebreds do not get this advantage since their weaknesses have been repetitively bred to stay within the lineage. This causes purebreds to be constantly sick.

People will also assume that it is simply time for their pet to die if that pet is decently aged. Although this can be true, it is also a fact that almost half of all dogs die from cancer. Dogs can get cancer as often as humans do, but most of the time they do not get the proper care to survive.

The reason people believe pet care is less expensive than human health care is simply because pets are not checked out as often as they should be. Good pet care can be just as expensive as your own health care and can sometimes be more expensive since pet care is a more specialised field of medicine. While there are a variety of factors to consider, do you have the means to take the risk of not having pet insurance?